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Wimbledon Tickets

The allocation of Wimbledon tickets for clubs to distribute to their members was changed in 2020 to take effect in 2021.  The decision was made that the system had to be brought in line with the public ballot for reasons of fairness and transparency.  Under the old system, club members opted-in to the ballot and then the club was allocated the tickets to distribute to their opted-in members through an internal ballot.  Whilst most clubs ran their internal ballot according to the rules set out, unfortunately a number of clubs didn’t manage the process fairly, so AELTC made the decision that tickets available to tennis club members (through their Advantage membership benefits) would be allocated through a central process. 

This means that any club members that opt-in to the members ballot go into an automated draw for tickets and are contacted directly if they are successful.  The Wimbledon ticket allocation for club members has always been a benefit for members, rather than clubs.  All the testing for the new system shows that more club members are being offered tickets through the changed process.