Westminster Rd, Brackley NN13 7EB

Court Care and Usage

Because of the artificial surface appropriate tennis shoes must be worn. Basically they should not have ridged or black soles, which could mark or damage the playing surface. If in doubt ask a member of the Committee.

The Club has bought a court ‘sweep’ mat that is kept at the end of court 3. This is most effective and members are requested to sweep the courts before play if they have twigs, leaves or other debris on them. This is done by dragging the mat over the court surface and then shaking it, ideally outside the court, to clean it. It takes about 10 minutes for one court. This is necessary because debris gets ground into the surface and forms a layer that ultimately damages the surface.

Members are asked to ensure that the court gates are locked – important because all the courts are inter-connected – and that the keys, club balls and measuring sticks are returned to the clubhouse. Any balls that have been hit out of court during play need to be retrieved please.