Westminster Rd, Brackley NN13 7EB

Code of Practice

Club sessions are held on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons to enable members to play with a variety of partners against a variety of opponents. No member should continually play with or against any other member unless the luck of the draw causes it to be otherwise.

  1. Two members shall not occupy a court if other members are waiting to play.
  2. When other members are waiting, one short set shall be played.
  3. If more than 16 members are present, the Board shall be used, following the instructions thereon.
  4. Court etiquette should always be observed, i.e. no walking or running across the back of the court when play is in progress, or anything else that would cause a distraction to players.
  5. If balls are hit over the surrounding high netting during play, those players are primarily responsible for finding them and returning them either into play or to the clubhouse.
  6. As each court finally ends play for the session, players are asked to ensure that the nets are lowered, the net measures and all balls are returned to the Clubhouse, the court gates are padlocked and keys placed on the hooks near the token boxes in the Clubhouse.

Court Bookings

The available court(s) on match nights must be booked via the BTC website.

Club championships: up to two courts can be booked at Club Sessions via the BTC website.


The last member(s) to leave are asked to switch off any of the floodlights still on. The mains switches are located under the lights token boxes.


It is important that the grips are appropriate to allow for safe play for each player and the shoes don’t damage or mark the court in any way.


Members must sign visitors into the Visitors Book BEFORE play and the appropriate fee paid. Payments may be made by bank transfer or payment to the Treasurer or any Committee Member as soon as possible. Please do not leave money in the Clubhouse.

Prospective Members

Prospective members may play up to five (5) times (on payment of the Visitor’s fee) at Club Sessions, before deciding whether to become a full member.