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Car Park and Drive Resurfacing

Important Notice

To all Members, Parents, Carers and Opposition Players,

Please be aware that the Brackley Tennis Club car park is being resurfaced on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th September and it will not be possible to use the car park on either of these two days and possibly into Wednesday 11th September as the tarmac hardens. The club will be open as usual for coaching and we advise captains to rearrange matches and ask members to try to avoid playing friendly games during this time.

Should you need to come to the club (primarily for coaching) then please use the alternative car park adjacent to court 5. This can be accessed from Westminster Road by turning right at the Bowls Club entrance and then immediately left onto the flat area with the blue container in the corner.

To access the club from the car park, you will need to walk down the right hand side of court 5 (between Court 5 and the hedge/fence). From the back of court 5, you will need to turn left along the back of courts 5 & 4 to the end of court 3 and back down behind courts 3, 2 and 1 towards the club house.

Please be advised that the path is uneven and caution must be used when using this path as the club will NOT be liable for any claims for damage or injury members, parents or opposing players incur.

Please can you ensure that you or your children (especially the younger ones when being coached), DO NOT walk on any areas of the car park on Monday or Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday. This is to prevent any materials or tarmac being walked onto the courts.

Whilst we appreciate the resurfacing work will cause some members, parents and opposition players some inconvenience, the long term benefits of improving the access road and car park area far out weigh this short term inconvenience.
Thank you for your co-operation during the period while the improvements are being made.

Chairman, Nigel Evans

Brackley Tennis Club