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Nothing Ever Happens in Brackley

The Tennis Club will be represented at Saturday’s Nothing Ever Happens in Brackley event at the Town Hall. Here’s an update from the Brackley Online Post Plans are well advanced for Saturday’s exhibition at the Town Hall and on the Piazza. We will have in excess of 40 clubs and organisations represented which will lay to rest forever the claim that ‘nothing happens in Brackley!’ Every possible age is catered for from the very young (play groups and schools) through to teenagers (sports and skateboarding) to help for the elderly. Ignoring the ageist slant, there will be live music for all tastes, the Angling Club will be demonstrating their coaching for youngsters, you can learn to play Bridge or Knit or get involved with Nature. The website has a full list of which clubs will be represented and what time demonstrations will be on (there are 2 programmes running, both in the Town Hall and on the Piazza) so if you have a particular interest make a note of when to come.