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Job Vacancy – Outdoor Grounds Person Required

Job description 

6 – 7 hours a week (done over 2 or 3 days not at weekends) 

Work all year round

Leaf clearing off courts 

Mowing of grass around courts

Strimming of areas around back and sides of courts 


Cutting back tree branches (at ground level)

Picking up litter

Sweeping branches, twigs, leaves moss etc off paths & car park

Individual needs to have third party insurance and be self-employed

References required

Pay: £20 per hour on a T & M basis. 

Send invoices on a monthly basis to Club Treasurer.

The club provides all gardening equipment, kept in securelock up garage

Start date: 1st March 2024

Handover session with current grounds person provided

Contact: Hilary Baxter (07769 700 410 or email: hilarybaxter@outlook.com)


Maintenance work not to be done at weekends, since all courts in use then

Days to suit individual, best to do early mornings pref before 9am when players not around

Check court booking system to see best days/times

The petrol blower uses 2 stroke petrol, which the individualbuys and stores at the club

The petrol mower uses 4 stroke normal petrol, which can also be stored at the club