We aim to provide a warm welcome and an enjoyable environment, with excellent facilities for players of all ages and abilities.

Facilities include 5 floodlit all weather artificial grass courts, excellent club house with changing rooms, and ample parking.


The Club

It is not known when the Club was first formed but there are photographs in the clubhouse dating from 1908, so it is at least 100 years old.

Brackley Tennis Club is a self-funded, private members club. The Club is managed by a Committee, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting with the exception of the President who once elected stays in office for 10 years unless they choose to retire before their term of office is over.

The size of the Committee is limited to fifteen, some of whom are officers of the Club. These include the President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Captains and Match Secretary. The photographs and names of the Committee are on display in the clubhouse. Subject to a vacancy members can apply to join the Committee by approaching the Chairman or any member of the Committee.

Court Care and Usage

Because of the artificial surface appropriate tennis shoes must be worn. Basically they should not have ridged or black soles, which could mark or damage the playing surface. If in doubt ask a member of the Committee.

The Club has bought a court ‘sweep’ mat that is kept at the end of court 3. This is most effective and members are requested to sweep the courts before play if they have twigs, leaves or other debris on them. This is done by dragging the mat over the court surface and then shaking it, ideally outside the court, to clean it. It takes about 10 minutes for one court. This is necessary because debris gets ground into the surface and forms a layer that ultimately damages the surface.

Members are asked to ensure that the court gates are locked – important because all the courts are inter-connected – and that the keys, club balls and measuring sticks are returned to the clubhouse. Any balls that have been hit out of court during play need to be retrieved.

Club Sessions

Club sessions are for adult members and invited intermediates and juniors. These sessions provide an opportunity for competitive (but friendly) play.

Come along, meet some people and enjoy the tennis. Session times are:

  • Sunday 2:30pm until those present have finished playing
  • Wednesday 6:30pm until those present have finished playing

Play is for all 52 weeks of the year, weather permitting. Should lights be needed the Club will provide the necessary tokens

Prospective members may play up to six times (on payment of the Visitor’s fee £6 Adult & £3 Students or under 17’s) at Club Sessions, before deciding whether to become a full member.

Full details of Club Sessions can be found on the Seniors page.

Private Play

The courts are available at any time and members may play without booking.  Coaching is allocated court space at specific times but every effort is made to ensure that members who wish to play are not disappointed.

The names and telephone numbers of members is published in the clubhouse so a singles or doubles game can be arranged. Members can play at any time, subject to coaching and match play but must provide their own balls.

If you wish to purchase any Babolat Team tennis balls, please apply to Shirley Griffith (01280 701020).

  • New Balls: £5 per tube
  • Once Used Balls: £3 per tube
  • Well Used Balls: £1 per tube


Floodlights are available at all times and are operated by tokens – not money. One token costs £1 and buys 20 minutes of time. The five light boxes that operate the floodlights on each of the courts are situated in the clubhouse and the tokens feed into them at the right hand side of the box. Tokens can be bought from  Stuart and Nigel


The clubhouse has two changing rooms, a disabled toilet, a kitchen and a large social area. The keys to the courts, the light boxes for the floodlights and the net measuring sticks are kept in the clubhouse.

Before leaving please ensure that:

  1. The Clubhouse is tidy, all belongings have been picked up and that all crockery and glassware has been washed, dried and put away.
  2. All the windows are shut and locked, all the blinds have been put down, and all the lights have been turned off, including those in the toilets.
  3. In winter, the heaters are left on the FROST setting to give background heating and prevent burst pipes.
  4. The playing balls are fully accounted for and are put away into the ball cupboard.
  5. The Clubhouse door is firmly locked.

Club Rules

The Club Rules are published and freely available. A copy is in the clubhouse for easy reference. Changes can be effected by proposing amendments to the Committee for submission to be considered and voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

Any complaints or comments should be made to the Chairman, but they can also be made to any Committee member who will bring it to the attention of the Chairman and the Committee. Ideally they should be made in writing, but a verbal approach will suffice.

If you have any questions or are unclear on any point then please contact either Carolyn (President) or ask any member of the Committee.

Code of Practice

General Meetings

For Annual General Meetings at least five officers must be present to allow business to be conducted (a quorum).

Each year, usually at 7.30pm on a Wednesday evening in February, the Club holds its Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Rules.

Elections are held, reports given and the annual accounts considered.

Advance notice is given to all members together with an agenda.

For special and particular matters an Extraordinary General Meeting can be summoned. This can be called by the Committee or at the request of not less than 25% of members.

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